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Machine Learning


Adopting a predictive data culture is now foundational to growth and even survival.

"Building a culture of predictive data is foundational to your organization's growth - potentially even its survival. Without strategy as a starting point, machine learning risks becoming a tool buried inside a company's routine operations: it will provide a useful service, but its long-term value will probably be limited." - McKinsey & Co.

Meanwhile, there is a talent war going on and not enough expertise made available to meet the demand.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer an option

What We Do

Forestry ML builds
AI-driven organizations

We are your guide along the path from data collection to processing, pipelining, model building, and deployment, while relentlessly driving towards radical impact. We are rooted in data - and with Forestry's help, you can be too.





Our clients span industries as varied as finance, health, e-commerce, and education technology.

We work with not only companies generating billions of dollars of revenue, but also start-ups raising their very first venture round.
Our clients
Education technology
Our clients
Education technology


We transform top organisations with data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
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We Work

Strategic Partnership

A true AI strategy that leverages machine learning to create business outcomes with data-driven and predictive decision making requires a long term relationship.

No matter the size of the company, each has its own complexities and requisite domain expertise that the scope of a single project could not adequately hope to capture.

Tactical Engagements

If the leaders of a company have identified an opportunity to unlock value with machine learning, a more traditional project based statement of work is the approach that Forestry will take.

These engagements begin with a discovery phase, then work through an agile design & build lifecycle. When the model or system has met performance goals, we work closely with the technology organisation to inform and implement a production-ready execution/serving environment.